Unchain My Life… and Set Me Free


Every time I walk out my front door and climb into my car, a new adventure ahead of me, I have little chains tugging at my heart, my mind … holding me back from true liberation. What is it that slows my steps and clogs my mind? Worry about money? No, I have come to terms with that and have learned a multitude of work-arounds to that problem. Worry about personal belongings? Not that either. Material possessions are replaceable. Family? Ha! If they don’t know me by now.. well, I do love them. That has to be enough.

Don’t laugh… Want to know what tugs at my chains every time I walk out my door? ….. My cats. Yep… my guilt blossoms big time at leaving my three babies home alone. Am I pathetic or what?

So… what to do about this seemingly insurmountable barrier to my desire for total liberation? I believe to every problem there IS a solution. My soul mate and fellow adventurer, my husband, and I,  will be testing out one of those solutions in a couple weeks. While we adventure on a month long car trip from west coast to east coast and back, we are taking a leap of trust (a requisite quite often of new solutions) and engaging a house sitter to cuddle, stroke, nuzzle and feed our furry kids. We found Kathy on the online site https://www.housesittersamerica.com/…  Kathy who has also taken a leap of trust and is living her life in a new and adventuresome style.

Want to know how Kathy turns out?.. and more about how we are preparing for our inexpensive, carefree and highly anticipated roadtrip across America? Stay tuned.

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1 http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/10DBC-Day-1